2019 Fairview Youth/Adult Triathlon

This Youth/Adult Triathlon will take place in Fairview, OK at the city aquatics center located in Specht Park.

Date: June 8th, 2019 with a 7:30am start time.

There will be an adult triathlon that will take place at the same location immediately following the finish of the Youth Triathlon.

Registration will be available this coming week. Please check back!


Age 5-8 : Swim: 50yds – Bike: .75mi – Run: 100yds

Age 9-10: Swim: 100yds – Bike: 1mi – Run: .5mi

Age 11-12: Swim: 200yds – Bike: 3mi – Run 1mi

Age: 13-18: Swim: 300yds – Bike: 5mi – Run: 2.28mi

Adult Distances: Swim: 300yds – Bike: 9.3mi – Run: 2mi

click here to register online at Get Me Registered

Links for the Adult bike/run courses only: https://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/2384914375 –https://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/2384925709

All races will be USAT sanctioned by a USAT certified Youth/Adult Race Director.

Check out the Youth Triathlon video on the “Empowering the Youth Athlete” page